Technical Archives

One of CGA’s Corporate Values is to provide cutting-edge consulting and designs for vibration and noise control. In this effort, our consultants regularly engage in research activities related to our normal client services. We regularly develop and refine calculation and modeling methods, and push to increase the efficiency of engineering designs through this research. A significant component of this effort is regular participation in professional societies and publication of our research and discoveries in technical journals and conference proceedings. A selection of these publications is provided in this archive for the benefit of the scientific and design community.


Some of our papers are presented in a form in which they can be read in their entirety. This uses portable document (PDF) files, for which your web browser may need some additional software. If you don't already have the capability to read PDF files, download Adobe's Acrobat Reader for free. 


The texts may be located by author, date, or keyword, or combinations of these.